About Wrench Detroit

A free bike for every child in need

Why Wrench?

Wrench began with a handful of neighbors who care about kids.

Soon after acquiring her artist workspace on Vermont in Detroit, founding member Jean Wilson was approached by a group of neighborhood kids asking if she could fix their bikes. They led her to a tangled pile of rusted bikes and a mission was born: to repair and provide bikes to children who, otherwise, would not have the means to own one.

Wrench has provided more than 1,000 free bikes to area kids and repaired hundreds more. We currently operate in four Detroit neighborhoods, periodically returning to keep those bikes in good repair. 

Detroit is a rising bike culture city and we want to share that with every child in need.

Why Not?

There are ample unwanted bicycles in various states of disrepair to supply every child in Detroit with their very own. So why not Recycle, Repair and Reuse!

Bikes that have been sitting unused in garages and basements for years; bikes that have been abandoned on city streets; bikes lying at the curb waiting for scrappers or trash collection. All these resources can either be repaired or contain reusable parts. Like the children, all they need is a little love.

Why Me?

We believe every child deserves a bicycle and when we work together it happens!

Without the support of community volunteers our mission would not be attainable.

Do a little or do a lot. Wrench accepts donations of new or used bikes, parts, tools, time and funds or anything of value. Regardless of your skill level, there is always a need for help. Come photograph and video us, help us throw events, hand out flyers, organize in your neighborhood, blog about Wrench, take a donation jar to work, throw a fundraiser, like our Facebook page and share our posts.

For hours or more information, contact us at info@wrenchdetroit.org or 313.377.4203.

We are located at 4135 Vermont, Detroit, MI 48208.

Our summer hours are Monday and Friday afternoons from 12-5. We operate completely by donation of bikes, tools, parts, money and labor.  Wrench supplies bicycles to inner city children that otherwise would not have one. We operate completely by donation of bikes, tools, parts, money and labor. We are setting out to prove that it is possible to come together with what we already have to see that every child has a the freedom to ride their own bike. Please join us!

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